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Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters

About the Story…

Thirteen Thrills!

Thirteen Chills!

So, you love monsters? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to enter a monster-filled collection that will make you shiver and make you laugh—sometimes both at once!

Bruce Coville, monster-lover extraordinaire and best-selling author of the My Teacher is an Alien series, brings together a jamboree of monster stories, including three of his own.

You’ll find monsters who are terrible, monsters with hearts of gold, monsters who are funny, and some who will scare you silly… monsters of every shape and size! S, go ahead—open it up. There could be a monster waiting for you.

Bruce Coville's Book of Aliens

About the Story…

Look out, planet earth!

If you like that spine-tingling, creepy-crawly feeling you get when someone says alien, you’ve found the perfect book! Bruce Coville, best-selling author of the My Teacher is an Alien series, has traveled to planets you’ve never dreamed of to gather some of the scariest, the funniest, and the most mind-expanding stories in the universe.

Some of the alien beings you’ll encounter will scare the pants off you. A few might show up at your school, or try to take your little brother home with them. And if you look closely, you may even find an alien or two who are a bit like you.

Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts

About the Story…

Hold on to your hat!

Do you believe in ghosts? Bruce Coville does, and he loves ghost stories! Just for the fright of it, he’s brought together some of the spookiest spirits you’ve ever seen.

In this collection, you’ll meet a host of ghosts—some frightening, some lonely, and some funny. So hold on to your hat and your heart. When ghosts reach out to us from the other side—whether it be on a cold stormy night or a warm summer’s day—they can touch our souls in ways both terrifying and wondrous!

Featuring a new Nina Tanleven story!

Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares

About the Story…

It’s just a dream… or is it?

Have you ever had a terrifying dream? Woken up in a cold sweat wondering if that horrible thing really happened? Well, get ready to sweat some more—this book will take you through thirteen spine-chilling and unexplainable adventures that can only be called… NIGHTMARES!

This is Bruce Coville’s fourth collection of scary stories. If you’ve dared yourself to read his Book of Monsters, Book of Aliens, and Book of Ghosts, it’s time to face the next fright-filled frontier.

Who knows what might happen? You could be drawn into a mirror, or possessed by a strange puppet, or trapped in the world of the dead—never to return again! So, read with caution and turn the pages very, very carefully!

Includes the winning entry from the “Write a Scary Story” contest.

Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers

About the Story…

“What makes your skin crawl?”

Did you ever have a vampire scratching at your window, see or hear what other people couldn’t, suffer a curse, or get what you wished for? Did you ever feel that shiver go up your spine that lets you know everything is not all right?

Bruce Coville, best-selling author of the My Teacher Is an Alien series and collector of nightmarish tales, likes to make you shiver. So, before you open his fifth book of scary stories, prepare yourself for the vampires, werewolves, demons, dinosaurs, monsters, and serpents creeping from its pages.

Will you speak to the poor spirit calling out to you from the dark? Remember, one word, one decision, could change everything.

Here are thirteen chilling tales that will keep you wide awake and holding tight to your bed all night long!

Bruce Coville's Book of Magic

About the Story…

“Fall under the spell…

Looking for magic? You’ve found the right place. Inside this book you can discover magic in all shapes and forms; scary magic, funny magic, magic that transforms—magic to match your wildest dreams and your deepest nightmares.

Magic can be in a witch’s spell, a wizard’s bag of tricks, or a glittering talisman. Other times it’s woven right into the fabric of our world—the magic inside a name, a simple gift, or the song of a bird. Magic can be gentle or horrifying. Sometimes a mere glimpse of it can change your life.

Bruce Coville wishes you luck as you embark on your quest to claim your own magic from the world!

Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters II

About the Story…

“Come back to us… we’ve been waiting for you…”

Just couldn’t get enough, could you? We knew you’d come crawling back for more of the scariest, funniest, most thrilling monster tales you’ll ever read! If you loved the creepy fun of Bruce Coville’s first Book of Monsters, you won’t be able to resist this new collection of terrifying tales.

Afterall, once you’ve got monsters on the brain, it’s hard to stop thinking about them. They show up when you lest expect them—lurking in forests, swamps, school buses, and even vending machines. They might be terrorizing whole villages, or lying quietly in wait just for you! Even your best friend might be a monster, looking for just the right moment…

Bruce Coville knows how you feel. He’s mixed up this new batch of chills especially for you!

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Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters II

About the Story…

“Come back to us… we’ve been waiting for you…”

Bruce Coville's Book of Aliens II

About the Story…

The Aliens are Coming!

Ever wonder if there’s life in outer space? Have you ever seen a strange light in the sky and hoped it was a UFO about to whisk you off to a distant galaxy?

Then beam yourself up for Bruce Coville’s second collection of out-of-this-world tales. You’ll meet aliens on far-flung planets and in your own backyard. But be careful! Some of these beings are out to destroy humankind—although if you know how to ask, they might share the secrets of the universe instead. Other aliens may just have taken a wrong turn into our solar system. Maybe they look exactly like you—or like something you’d eat for breakfast! So if Bruce Coville’s first Book of Aliens left you hungry for more extraterrestrial encounters, fasten your seat belt for another wild ride into space. You’ll never look at the universe the same way again!

Includes Through the Starry Door, Part II of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts II

About the Story…

They’re calling your name…

Quiet—did you hear something? An eerie noise come from the attic? Was someone moaning, calling out to you from the darkness…?

If you love the chills that skitter along your pine when you sense that ghosts are near, this book’s for you. Within these pages lurk the phantoms of million-year-old sharks, tantrum-throwing tots, and master biscuit bakers—and even the spirit of a legendary pig. Here you’ll find terrifying wraiths out for revenge, and spectral beings that defy description. You might run into a ghost who desperately needs your help—or perhaps one who’s waiting in the shadows for a very different reason…

No matter what kind of ghost gives you the shivers, your spirit will not let you rest until you enjoy this creepy collection of ghost stories!

Includes A Trip to the Land of the Dead, Part III of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares II

About the Story…

Don’t worry, you’ll wake up—if you’re lucky…

Night comes, and you’re gripped by a nameless terror. You’re trapped in an endless winter—or lost in dark forest, fleeing a terrifying creature. Maybe your own shadow is out to get you—or your homework has run amok!

Is it all a heart-stopping dream? No! You’re reading Bruce Coville’s latest collection of terrifying tales!

If you’ve been tossing and turning with terror since you read the first Book of Nightmares, there’s no sense trying to sleep anyway. So grab your flashlight and burrow under the covers for more chills and thrills. But don’t forget; Sometimes the scariest nightmares of all happen when you’re wide awake…

Includes When Evil Wakes, Part IV of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers II

About the Story…

Don’t look behind you…

Your skin prickles. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end. Something not quite right… but what?

Nobody knows exactly where that spine-tingly feeling comes from—that’s what makes it such deliciously creepy fun! If your nerves are still jangled from Bruce Coville’s first Book of Spine tinglers, his newest batch of sinister stories will scare you out of your skin. Meet a man whose face reflects the mysteries of life, and a girl who learns the hard way that the universe doesn’t revolve around her. You might even receive a gift—like a strange silver packet you’d swear was staring at you, or a rare breed of mushrooms that grows with a mind of its own. Just don’t get too caught up in what you’re reading—you never know what might be sneaking up behind you…

Includes The Coldest Touch, Part V of The Monsters of Morley Manor.

Bruce Coville's Book of Magic II

About the Story…

“Be careful what you wish for… “

If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Eternal life? A kingdom of riches? Do you want to grow wings and fly away from your troubles—or just change the way you look? Magic is about making choices and changes. Sometimes it’s also about getting more than you bargained for.

For this twelfth collection of scary stories, Bruce Coville and his friends have conjured up a dozen amazing tales of magic. You’ll find plenty of surprises as this book transports you to l ands ruled by wizards and mages, where dragons roam the earth and unicorns and fairy godmothers hang out in your backyard. The magic in these stories might keep your toes tapping, turn you into a troll, or even clean up the mess in your room! You just never know…

Includes The Metamorphosis of Justin Jones, a new Magic Shop story!