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Amulet of Doom

About the Story…

“Would you trust a demon?”

Aunt Zenobia is the most fascinating person Marilyn Sparks has ever met. But when Zenobia asks Marilyn to care for an ancient amulet, she is handing her more than a strange piece of jewelry. She’s handing her a passport to a terrifying world of adventure.

But it may be a one-way trip. Faced with an ancient curse, a tragic demon, and a blood feud thousands of years old, Marilyn must make the right decision—or die.

Spirits and Spells

About the Story…

“Magic is loose, and death is in the air.”

Trying out their new haunted house game, Sprits and Spells, in the creaky old Gulbrandsen place seemed like a cool idea to Travis, Tansy and their friends.

That was before they found out what was in the attic… and the basement… and everywhere in between.

Eyes of the Tarot

About the Story…

“Death is in the cards.”

“Power Unleashed”

When Bonnie McBurnie begins to use the ancient deck of tarot cards she found in her grandmother’s attic, she taps into a power unlike anything she has ever imagined.

Soon the ancient forces of the tarot begin to haunt Bonnie’s life, forcing her to face a fearful secret buried in her own past, an unsolved family tragedy, and the terrifying wrath of a powerful sorcerer who has been waiting centuries for his chance to return.

Can Bonnie master the cards—or will their strange power destroy not only her, but everyone she loves?

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Waiting Spirits

About the Story…

“…It's classic stuff: tragic deaths and unresolved conflicts. So they stay in the house where they died, rather than moving on to the next world where they belong. They haven't been able to let go—”

Lisa Burton and her little sister Carrie can't wait to leave Sayers Island. The weather is lousy, and they're bored stiff. Then one rainy afternoon their grandmother teaches them “automatic writing” to pass the time.

The sťance quickly turns to terror when a restless spirit sends them a message. Things only get worse when Lisa realizes there's more than one ghost haunting the old house.

Fortunately, local hunk Brian Holme is willing to help. But when angry ghosts confuse the living with the dead, is anybody safe? Can Lisa find a way to bring peace to these troubled spirits? Or will her little sister have to pay the ultimate price for tampering with the unknown.