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The Dragonslayers

About the Story…

“This witch really holds a grudge”

When Grizelda decides to get revenge on King Mildred, she doesn’t go halfway. She makes the fiercest dragon the kingdom has ever seen.

Now someone’s got to kill the thing. But the knights are all too frightened, which leaves the job to an old squire, a young page boy, and the most willful princess who ever strapped on a sword.

The question is, can they stop arguing long enough to face the greatest battle of all?

Goblins in the Castle

About the Story…

“They’re strange. They’re scary. They’re really really weird!”

“What moans at midnight in Toad-in-a-Cage Castle?

Toad-in-a-Cage Castle was filled with secrets—secrets such as the hidden passages that led to every room, the long stairway that wound down to the dungeon, and the weird creature named Igor who lived there. But it was the mysterious night noises that bothered William the most—the strange moans that drifted through the halls of the castle where he was raised.

He wanted to know what caused them.

Then one night he found out…

“A shivery treat for readers, who will identify with the stalwart William as he ferrets out the castle’s scary secrets and rights a long-existing wrong.”—ALA Booklist

Goblins on the Prowl

About the Story…

The stone toad is back! From the author of the upcoming Diary of a Mad Brownie, this follow-up to the bestselling Goblins in the Castle blends laugh-out-loud humor with fantasy and edge-of-your-seat adventure.

In the year since William and Fauna freed the goblins from imprisonment in Toad-in-a-Cage Castle, peace has reigned over both the human and goblin kingdoms. Then one cold night William receives a strange book from an unknown visitor, a book that leads him and Fauna to the mysterious stone toad that sits in the castle’s Great Hall. When an accidental spell brings the stone creature to life, the giant toad hops away—with William between its jaws!

Fauna is no match for a ten-foot-tall frog made of rock, but she has magic—and a good amount of grit—on her side. Determined to save her friend, Fauna ventures forth on a journey through dangerous lands filled with fearsome giants, talking bears, and packs of rogue goblins. And in order to save William and reveal the mystery behind the stone toad, Fauna might have to divulge a secret that could turn her friends against her forever.

Monster of the Year

About the Story…

When Mike and Kevver announced their MONSTER OF THE YEAR contest, it was just a funny way to liven up a dull summer. Of course, not everyone starts a joke with a 12-foot high billboard company, either!

Mike and Kevver though they’d lucked out when Mike’s mother gave them jobs as assistants at the Adams Outdoor & Billboard Advertising Company.

Of course, that was before the contest. Before the telegram from Transylvania. Before Igor and the first contestant arrived. Before the Count moved his coffin into Mike’s basement. It was definitely before Mike and Kevver met Lulu Toomaloo.

It was a contest that none of them would ever forget!

The Monsters of Morley Manor

About the Story…

They're weirder than you think!

Question: How do you mix together werewolves, vampires, mad scientists, wizards, aliens ghosts, ancient curses, giant frogs, evil clones, fallen angels, zombie warriors… and two clever kids in whose hands rests the fate of the Earth?

Answer: Just add water.

“Unquestionably weird, but nevertheless highly addictive.”—School Library Journal

“An all-star cast, a creepy mansion for an Earthly setting, magic, mad science, other worlds, and much, much more.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A real winner.”—Boston Herald

Thor’s Wedding Day

About the Story…

What could possibly make the god of thunder, protector of Asgard, the greatest of the Norse gods… put on a bridal gown?

It all begins when Thor's hammer goes missing. Loki, the god of mischief, comes up with an idea to get the hammer back, and before you know it, Thor is dressed in fancy finery and packing off to be married to Thrym, the king of giants and Thor's sworn enemy

Luckily, Thialfi the goat boy—along with his charges Grinder and Gat-Tooth—have come along. Working behind the scenes, Thialfi may just be able to save the day… which is only fair, since it's his fault the hammer was stolen in the first place!

The World’s Worst Fairy Godmother

About the Story…

“Maybelle’s mixed up magic makes mind-boggling messes!”

“Maybelle strikes again!

Maybelle Clodnowski is in big trouble. Every spell she casts seems to backfire. After her latest disaster (instead of turning a frog into a prince, she turned a princess into a frog!), her boss gives her one last chance. Her job: reform a perfectly obnoxious kid named Susan.

Watching over Maybelle will be tart and touchy Edna Prim, Fairy Godmother of the Year for the last 147 years running.

Alas, Maybelle has a secret enemy working against her. When that enemy causes Maybelle’s plans to backfire, the magical mix-ups throw the entire town into an uproar.

Can a good heart triumph over bad magic? Or will Maybelle and Edna find themselves facing a fate worse than death?

Always October

About the Story…

No doubt about it, little brothers can be monsters. When sixth grader Jake Doolittle finds a baby on the doorstep and his mother decides to keep it, those words are more than just an expression. Instead, they perfectly describe the way his new little brother, LD, sprouts pointy ears, thick fur, and fangs in moonlight.

Not only is LD a monster… other monsters have plans for him. But together with his friend "Weird Lily" Carker, Jake isn't about to let anything happen to the baby. The little guy is still his brother, even if it turns out that LD may be the key to saving the world—or destroying it.

Soon Jake and Lily are on a perilous quest through Always October, a world populated with monsters ranging from the venomous to the ridiculous. Master of comic suspense Bruce Coville presents a tale of ominous dangers and hairbreadth escapes, of the conflict between forces of dark and light, and of the lengths to which one boy will go to save his brother—monster or not.