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I Was a Sixth Grade Alien

About the Story…

The aliens have finally made contact! But when the first ambassador from another planet arrives, he insists that his son, Pleskit Meenom, be treated like any other citizen on Earth.

Which is why Pleskit has become the first purple kid in Ms. Weintraub's sixth grade class.

For Tim Tompkins, who has been waiting his entire life to meet an alien, this is like a dream come true. But when Pleskit invites Tim back to the embassy and they stumble across a plan to sabotage the alien mission, Tim's dream becomes a life-threatening nightmare.

The Attack of the Two-Inch Teacher

About the Story…

All Pleskit Meenom wants to do is fit in on his new planet. But even a trip to the mall to get some Earth-style clothing isn't enough to stop Jordan Lynch's teasing. Finally Pleskit and his best friend Tim decide to teach Jordan a lesson.

So they borrow a shrinking ray from the desk of Pleskit's Fatherly One.

Unfortunately, things don't work out quite as the boys had planned, and before they know it, Tim and their teacher Ms. Weintraub are the ones small enough to hide in a desk drawer.

If word gets out, it could ruin the alien mission.

But how can you hide the fact that you've shrunk your teacher?

Includes a bonus glossary of alien terms used by Pleskit.

I Lost My Grandfather’s Brain

About the Story…

Some kids lose their homework. Some kids lose their math book, or their sneakers, or their lunch.

Pleskit Meenom, first alien kid to go to school on Earth, has a bigger problem: He's lost his grandfather's brain!

Of course, that's not Pleskit's only problem. He's feuding with his best friend Tim. Someone is leaking stories about him to a sleazy supermarket tabloid. And sixth grade is turning out to be a bigger challenge than interplanetary navigation.

But if Pleskit can't find that missing brain, none of those other problems will matter, because his life won't be worth a plug skeelrag!

Peanut Butter Lover Boy

About the Story…

Pleskit's quest to sample all things earthling—especially earthling foods—leads him to… peanut butter. He adores it. There's only one problem: He has an allergic reaction to the stuff that ends up making him feel incredibly romantic.

Before long, the purple alien is chasing girls around the playground, trying to kiss them. He gets a slap in the face, which snaps him back to reality. But the damage has been done. The school is in an uproar, and unless Tim and Pleskit can find a way to convince Principal Grand that it's not really Pleskit's fault, the world's first alien student may be looking for a new classroom—on a new planet!

Zombies of the Science Fair

About the Story…

It's science fair time agin, and Tim Tompkins is in trouble. It's only two days until the big event, and he hasn't finished his project. In fact, he hasn't even started it! Given Tim's past history, this is no big surprise.

But this year Tim has a new resource—his alien friend, Pleskit Meenom. Surely with his super science, Pleskit can help Tim come up with a knockout project for the science fair

But Pleskit's potent potion turns out to have side effects that not even an alien could have expected, and soon he's desperately trying to answer the question: “What do you do when you've just amputated your best friend's personality?”

Don't Fry My Veeblax!

About the Story…

When Percy the Mad Poet assigns Ms. Weintraub's class to write poems about their pets, Pleskit decides he should bring his Veeblax to school.

Not a good idea! When the little shapeshifter frightens one of Pleskit's classmates, she freaks out—and so do the newspapers. As the situation spins out of control, it becomes clear that Pleskit may lose his pet, his teacher may lose her job, and Earth may lose the benefits of the alien connection.

Running away may be the only way for Pleskit to save the Veeblax. But where can you run to when you're the only purple kid on the planet? And what do you do when something very strange starts following you?

Too Many Aliens

About the Story…

Maktel Geebrit, Pleskit’s pen pal from back home on Hevi-Hevi, is finally going to visit him on Earth. Pleskit is excited, but a little nervous, too. How will Maktel get along with Pleskit's new friend, Tim?

And just how does a kid cope with having two best friends on the same planet, anyway? As if that question wsn't hard enough, Pleskit's Fatherly One also has an off-world visitor—an elegant trader named Ellico vec Bur. But is Ellico really a friend, or is the trader also a traitor… the greatest menace that the mission to Earth has yet faced? The search for an answer plunges Pleskit, Tim, Maktel, and Linnsy into danger beyond their wildest dreams!

Snatched from Earth

About the Story…

Tim Tompkins has always wanted to visit outer space—but he didn't plan to go as the captive of a mysterious alien!

But that's just what Tim, Pleskit, Maktel, and Linnsy have become—captives in an interstellar struggle for control of the galaxy. Can four kids from two very different planets learn to work together? They're going to have to, if they want to survive on the strange new world where they've been trapped. But even if they do survive, how will they ever find their way back home?

Join Pleskit and his friends for a race against time and incredible danger—with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!

There’s an Alien in My Backpack

About the Story…

Pleskit has always said that he’s not necessarily the first alien kid to go to school on Earth. He's just the only one who's doing it openly.

Tim discovers the truth of those words when he meets a two-foot-tall alien. Beebo, who is stranded here and wants desperately to get back to his own planet. Unfortunately, Beebo's presence on Earth could cause a diplomatic disaster. So Pleskit can't ask his Fatherly One for help.

And help is what the boys need, because Beebo is an imp! He's hooked on mischief, and can't resist using his powers to cause chaos in the classroom and havoc on the homefront.

Pleskit and Tim have faced plenty of alien menaces. But can they survive an incredibly cute prankster who has a genuine gift for causing the most embarrassing trouble ever?

The Revolt of the Miniature Mutants

About the Story…

From the imagination of Bruce Coville comes this far-reaching and fantastic collection of short stories. Within, there is something sure to satisfy each reader.

Tickle your funny bone with tales like Duffy's Jacket, Biscuits of Glory, and The Stinky Princess. Marvel at the amazing transformations experienced in Homeward Bound and The Metamorphosis of Justin Jones. Embark on thrilling adventures with the characters of The Golden Sail and The Passing of the Pack. And you just may want to sleep with the light on after reading chillers such as The Language of Blood and There's Nothing Under The Bed.

These eighteen extraordinary stories, originally published in the books Oddly Enough and Odder Than Ever, range in tone from magical to mysterious, hilarious to heartwarming. They are all wildly entertaining… and just a little bit odd!

There’s an Alien in My Underwear

About the Story…

When Tim comes home and finds a two-foot-high orange alien named Beebo Frimbat sitting on his desk, he knows he's in for a hard time. After all, Beebo is a dedicated mischief maker who thinks trouble is the spice of life. But even Beebo's past pranks don't prepare Tim for finding his underwear flying from the school flagpole.

Still, it's all in fun. Or is it? Do Beebo's pranks have anything to do with the plan to derail the mission of the Fatherly One? And is it really just an accident when Beebo locks Pleskit's faithful bodyguard into an alternate dimension populated by maneating monsters?

Farewell to Earth

About the Story…

All things must come to an end—even sixth grade. But not all things end happily, and it looks as if Pleskit Meenom's year as a sixth grade alien is about to end in catastrophe as Earth is swept by rumors that something horrible has happened at the alien embassy. Soon anti-alien demonstrations erupt outside Pleskit's school.

Who is behind the rumors? Is there really a secret enemy on the embassy staff? What happens if the mission fails?

When Pleskit disappears, those questions take on new urgency. Desperate to answer them, Pleskit's friends Tim Tompkins and Rafaella Cruz are forced to team up with Tim's old enemy, Jordan Lynch, to save the mission… and Earth!