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The Ghost in the Third Row

One of my favorite places in Syracuse, the city where I live, is a beautiful old theater known as “The Landmark.”

Many people believe quite firmly that this place is haunted. Once I was in a play at the Landmark and during rehearsals people would nudge me and whisper, “If you watch the balcony, you may see ‘The Woman in White’ go by.” While I never saw Clarissa (that’s her name) many people I knew claimed that they had.

I thought this was an interesting thing to base a story on. So when an editor named Ann Martin (yes, the very same person who later went on to create the Babysitter’s Club!) asked me to write a ghost story, the Landmark came to mind as a good place for the setting.

I made up almost everything else—including, I am sorry to say, the brass elephant in the lobby. But the theater itself I described as accurately as I was able.

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