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Odder Than Ever

About the Story:

Beloved for his outlandishly entertaining novels, Bruce Coville is also a master of the short story. This companion to Oddly Enough features another wide-ranging collection of tales—some witty, some wise, all vintage Coville.

A ghost who died under hilarious circumstances haunts a kitchen baking “Biscuits of Glory,” while in the grand saga “The Golden Sail,” a teen finds a treasure he didn’t know he was seeking. There is a heartbreaking story from Elives’ Magic Shop, “The Metamorphosis of Justin Jones”; a little-known fairy tale about the Stinky Princess”; and the bittersweet title story from the critically acclaimed anthology Am I Blue?

In all, nine wildly strange, wonderful tales are gathered here each odder than its fellows, and each as moving as it is funny. A perfect introduction to Bruce Coville’s magic, Odder Than Ever also has a treat for die-hard fans: three never-before published stories!

Odder Than Ever is available in the following editions:

Hardcover   $7.50  

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