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Too Many Aliens

About the Story:

Maktel Geebrit, Pleskit’s pen pal from back home on Hevi-Hevi, is finally going to visit him on Earth. Pleskit is excited, but a little nervous, too. How will Maktel get along with Pleskit's new friend, Tim?

And just how does a kid cope with having two best friends on the same planet, anyway? As if that question wsn't hard enough, Pleskit's Fatherly One also has an off-world visitor—an elegant trader named Ellico vec Bur. But is Ellico really a friend, or is the trader also a traitor… the greatest menace that the mission to Earth has yet faced? The search for an answer plunges Pleskit, Tim, Maktel, and Linnsy into danger beyond their wildest dreams!

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Too Many Aliens is available in the following editions:

Paperback   $3.99  

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