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Thorís Wedding Day

About the Story:

What could possibly make the god of thunder, protector of Asgard, the greatest of the Norse gods… put on a bridal gown?

It all begins when Thor's hammer goes missing. Loki, the god of mischief, comes up with an idea to get the hammer back, and before you know it, Thor is dressed in fancy finery and packing off to be married to Thrym, the king of giants and Thor's sworn enemy

Luckily, Thialfi the goat boy—along with his charges Grinder and Gat-Tooth—have come along. Working behind the scenes, Thialfi may just be able to save the day… which is only fair, since it's his fault the hammer was stolen in the first place!

Thorís Wedding Day is available in the following editions:

Hardcover   $15.00  
Paperback   $5.95  

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