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194 entries.
Adarsh from King of Prussia, Pa USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi Bruce Coville. It's me, Adarsh again. I was wondering 3 things:
1. Is the Magic Shop series a bestseller?
2. Have you made any other books than the Magic Shop series?
3. I want to learn more about your history. Can you please make a autobiography about you?
Been a pleasure to talk to you,
2 P.S.
1. My nickname is Radar.
2. Hi Five to you too (from your previous response)
Admin Reply:
Hi, Radar! (Cool nickname)

I don't know if the Magic Shop series has been officially a bestseller. I can tell you that THE MONSTER'S RING has been selling steadily for 35 years now, which is a rare thing.

Now, as to whether I have made any other books than the Magic Shop series. On this matter I am going to give you some advice, which is that you should not ask a question to which you can very easily find the answer yourself. Since you are writing on the guestbook, you are on my website. And on the website is also a complete list of all the books that I have published!

I am flattered that you want to know more about me. There is also an autobiography on the website!

All best,

Shiza from King of Prussia, Pa USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Dear Mr. Coville,
Hi! I am reading your book Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher at school. It is a really good book. How did you get the idea of writing about dragons? I also want you to write a sequel to the book. What ideas do you have? I hope you write a sequel!
Admin Reply:
Hi, Shiza -

Glad you are enjoying JEREMY. As far as how I got the idea of writing about dragons, that was easy: I love dragons! So, naturally, I wanted to write about one!

At this time I have no plans for a sequel. Sometimes a book does best to stand on its own.

Kaylee from King of Prussia, USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi Mr.Coville! I am reading " Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher" in my language arts class. I am really liking the book so far. I was wondering if you could wright a book about each person and their personality. Thanks!-Kaylee
Admin Reply:
Hi, Kaylee -

I'm glad to know you are enjoying JEREMY. Though your idea of writing a book about each person and their personality is interesting, I like to let each of the Magic Shop books stand along, connected only by the shop itself.

Cameron nicholas from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi mr. Coville, I have started to read Jeremy thatcher, dragon hatcher. I think it's awesome .I want to read all your books!
Admin Reply:
Hey, Cameron 0

Glad you think JEREMY is awesome! I highly approve of your plan to read all my books! ;>

Grace from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi Mr. Coville, I am reading "Jeremy Thatcher" in my language arts class. I just started reading it and I love it so far. Right now you are my favorite author. I was wondering if when they get older maybe you could make a short story about how when they get older Mary Lou isn't interested in Jeremy and likes Spess, but Jeremy starts to like her. It would add a lot of suspense. Thank you!
Admin Reply:
Hi, Grace -

Glad you are enjoying JEREMY! It's interesting that you would like a short story about the characters, almost everyone else has been asking for a sequel, as in a full book. Clearly you like romantic complications!

Nathan from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi Mr. Coville. I'm reading Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher and was wondering if you were going to right a book about Igor.
Admin Reply:
Hi, Nathan -

What a good question. In fact, I have written TWO books about Igor ... GOBLINS IN THE CASTLE and GOBLINS ON THE PROWL!

Nate from KOP, PA USA wrote on March 1, 2017:
Hi Bruce, honor to meet you, but it would thrill me if you could think of making a new book. I think it would be cool if you made a book about your best books combined. They would have to solve a big problem and a solution. Thanks, Nate
Admin Reply:
Hi, Nate, a pleasure to meet you.

I have actually considered writing a book where all the Magic Shop kids (there are five of them now) get together. Unfortunately, I am not currently on good terms with the publisher of those books, so I'm not sure if that will ever happen.

Lauren from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA wrote on February 28, 2017:
Hi Mr. Coville! I'm reading "Jermey Thatcher Dragon Hatcher" in school. So far I'm really enjoying the book. I was wondering how you come up with your character names. Thank you!!
Admin Reply:
Hi, Lauren -

I'm so glad you're enjoying JEREMY. As to the names . . . well, I made up Jeremy's name. But for Tiamat I did a lot of research into dragon names from the past, in myth, legend, and folklore.

Even though I write fantasy, I do a lot of research in the process!

Adarsh from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA wrote on February 28, 2017:
Hi Bruce Coville. I am reading your book "Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher " in school. I feel it is amazing. I would like to tell you that I would like you to make a book in where everyone is older and with a different point of view.
Admin Reply:
Hello, Adarsh -

This is very interesting. People have often asked for a sequel to JEREMY, but the truth is the only idea I have had for another story is one where the characters are older. You are the first person to ask for a story like that! So I am sending you a definite High Five!

Gabby from Elkhart, Texas USA wrote on February 19, 2017:
It's me again just wondering if you have got my book or signed
Admin Reply:
Hi, Gabby -

What address did you send the book to? I don't believe it has appeared yet.