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789 entries.
DH the Scribbler from USA wrote on March 24, 2017:
On the Prowl for a creative place to say hi and riddle one of my favorite authors...
Some of mine have experienced your original from over 20 years ago - hoping this finds you well, my friend that I have never met...
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hey, DH -

On the Prowl like the goblins? Whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for remembering me, friend I never met.
Adarsh from King of Prussia, PA USA wrote on March 21, 2017:
I messaged you about a month or two weeks ago. I just wanted to ask that how do we get our book signed by you and also, I was thinking why not you make any more Magic Shop series' books? I love Mr. Elives and Mrs. Priest from Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Adarsh -

I am happy to sign books for you. The process is simple: send the book (or books) to me at the address listed on the Contact button on the website. IMPORTANT: Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for me to return the book(s). Without that, I cannot send them back.

I have ideas for more Magic Shop books, but I am not on very good terms with the publisher of that series right now. With luck, perhaps things will change in the future.

Daniel from Valdese, NC United States wrote on March 17, 2017:
I read your My Teacher is an Alien series when it came out and loved it. Are the reissues identical or shortened versions? Thanks.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Daniel -

Thanks for this . . . I'm delighted to know you remember the stories so fondly.

The new editions of the MY TEACHER books have not been shortened. We made a couple of tweaks in the first book so being it in line with current conditions, but did not shorten it. I don't think there were any changes in the remaining three.

All best,

Amber Rien from Moore, SC USA wrote on March 15, 2017:
Hi! I was just wondering why you haven't posted anything on the blog since May of last year?
P.S. My last name is pronounced like "rain".
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Amber -
That's a good question. Sadly, I think I'm just not as interested in blogging as I should be (or, at least, as the world thinks I should be). I need to get back to it. Thanks for the nudge!

Zach Talon from USA wrote on March 10, 2017:
Hello Mr. Coville,
I have messaged you here once before. I have a question I need to ask you.
I am doing a research paper, and I decided to research your life, as well as the inspiration behind 3 of your most popular series. I have found articles where you mentioned the inspiration behind 2 of them, but I can't find anything about the third one. What was the inspiration behind the Unicorn Chronicles?
Thank you,
Zach Talon
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hey, Zach -

Glad to hear from you. The answer to this one is a bit odd, and a bit entangled.

My second picture book, SARAH'S UNICORN, was written because my wife asked me to write after we had gotten turned down on another project. When we first submitted it (1977 or 1978), it was turned down by the editor we were working with because she thought there were too many unicorn picture books.
This was not so. There were unicorn mugs, posters, buttons, and probably toilet paper. But no unicorn picture books. I asked her to look again, and the book went forward, and became a solid success.
As a result, I became, to a degree, the unicorn guy. My next iteration in that guise was when I compiled THE UNICORN TREASURY for Doubleday.
Later, in the early 1990's, Jean Feiwel (the smartest woman in publishing) invited me in to Scholastic to discuss doing a new series. We threw some ideas back and forth, and when she said "unicorn world" I said "I'm you're guy."
It was supposed to be, by contract, a three book series, one a year, about 40,000 words each. As it turned out, it became a 4 book series, each significantly larger than the preceding volumes.
Unicorns . . . sometimes they just carry you away!
Ava pavone from Bridgeport, Pa USA wrote on March 9, 2017:
Dear Bruce,
I'm reading Jeremy Thatcher dragon hatcher in my class & I love it. I really want to know where the idea for this book came from. I also was wondering how long it took to write this book because I would like to write one just like it someday. This is the first book I have loved in a while. Thank you for writing it. Love Ava Pavone
5th grader
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Ava -

So glad that you are loving JEREMY THATCHER.

I got the idea because I had already written one Magic Shop book (THE MONSTER'S RING) and loved the shop too much to not go back for another visit. So one day I sat down and made a list of cool things that you might buy in the shop. Total brainstorming session, and one of the best things that came out of it was the idea of a dragon's egg.

I tried to write it as a short story first, but that didn't work. Once I decided to turn it into a book it took me about six months, including the time spent working with my editor to improve it.

Good luck with your own writing!

All best,

Veva from Madrid, Spain wrote on March 9, 2017:
Dear Bruce
My name is Veva and my daughter is Sia
We encounter your book, into the land of the unicors, in our local library here in Madrid, Spain
we loved it so much that we went strainght into buying next two books.
we are actually reading book III
Now Iam looking for book IV and Iam finding very hard to find it, not audio or MP
Only as a book
as we have got the 3 first books we want tht last one and read it in paper. Old school I guess.
I only find they sell it in one place with a really crazy price
would you please give us a suggestion on what to do?
We will really apreciate it
My most sincere congratulations on your writing ....my daughter who is 12 is loving it. we read the books together out loud to practice our English and we are completely hooked
Kind regards
Veva and Sia
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Veva and Sia -

I very much loved this message - it delights me to know how much you are enjoying the Unicorn Chronicles.
Alas, I have bad news about THE LAST HUNT. For reasons I have never understood, Scholastic failed to publish a paperback edition. Then they let the entire series go out of print.
I have the rights back, and my agent and I are trying to find a new publisher. So all is not lost. But it will take some time to do that.
I am sorry I do not have better news.

Your friend,

Bruce Coville
Pat Kane from Sparta, NJ USA wrote on March 3, 2017:
I had the pleasure of hearing you speak today at Helen Morgan School in Sparta. I am a substitute teacher and, having adult kids, was not familiar with your books.
I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! Thank you for a wonderful time!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Pat-

Thanks for this lovely message. I had a great time at the school today ... but that was largely because the students and staff were all so wonderful and welcoming!

All best,

Ray from King Of Prussia, PA USA wrote on March 2, 2017:
Hi Bruce
I'm reading Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher and I really like it. Also I was wondering if any of your characters or scenes in your books based on you. Thanks 🙂
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Ray -

Glad you're enjoying JEREMY THATCHER. None of the characters in that book are based on me. However Rod Allbright, of the ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK series, is totally and completely based on me!

All best,

Jonathan from USA wrote on March 2, 2017:
Hey mr.coville I'm reading Jeremy Thatcher Dragon hatcher in school right now I was wondering how you thought of hiring college students for the audio book. Thanks Jonathan
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Jonathan -

What a great question! The answer is pretty simple - I wanted youthful voices for the audio book. I live in Syracuse, and Syracuse University has a great acting school. Which meant that I could hire well trained actors who still sounded like kids. It was perfect for what we were trying to do!