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830 entries.
Mamie Rock from New London wrote on March 20, 2018:
Dear Mr. Coville,
Not only did my fourth and fifth graders love the movie version of "Aliens Ate My Homework," but I have second and third graders happily telling me that they enjoyed it and today a first grader told me she watched it with her Father! Two of my third grade classes have voted to read the book for our next read aloud because so many of them were captivated by the movie. This will give us a lot of rich opportunities to compare the original text with the changes in the script. Thanks for letting us in on this next adventure! And, of course, my original student who asked if your books had ever been turned into movies is hoping that Netflix will do a sequel and portray the return of Rod's Father. It has really been delightful to see so many of my students go on this journey with Rod and Elspeth.
Sincerely, Mamie Rock
Michael Boyce from Winston-Salem wrote on March 12, 2018:
"My Teacher Is An Alien" was my first book that I purchased with my own money at my elementary school's book fair. I remember reading the book and feeling the absolute thrill of the story! It was by far my favorite book that I had ever read.

I remember buying the third installation, "My Teacher Fried My Brains", at another year's book fair, and laying on the couch in the small library my parents had converted out of a small office in our house. And by the time dinner was ready, I had read the entire book! That was my very first experience of ever reading an entire book in one day, and I loved it!

I was sad the day that I finished the final book in that series, and thinking, "now what?" That series opened my eyes to a love of fantasy fiction and a general love of reading. I still think fondly of those books and those memories they've left with me. I am a parent myself now and when I saw the new movie in our family video store, I knew I wanted my kids to see it and experience the author Bruce Coville.

Thank you so very much for what you've done in creating hundreds of fantastical books that lure the reader into worlds beyond their imaginations!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Michael -

Thanks for this lovely message. One of the things an author hopes as he or she gets older is that the work will not only find readers, but that it will be remembered. So your words mean a lot to me.

I was particularly delighted by your memory of reading MY TEACHER FRIED MY BRAINS in a single day. I can also remember the first time I read a whole book in a single day, and the wonderful sense of accomplishment that it gave me. Glad my own book was key to the same experience for you.

All good wishes,

Jenna wrote on January 26, 2018:
Hey Bruce? I have to do an author study and I was wondering if you could tell me what inspired you to write your stories?
Thanks -Jenna
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi, Jenna -

Well, to begin with, there is generally a different inspiration or starting point for each story. (Sometimes it is just that I have a deadline and need to write something!)

The overall inspiration is that I love books, love them desperately, and wanted to make books of my own. That and my very fine sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Crandall, who was the first one who made me think I really could be a writer.

Good luck with your project.

Annabelle T from Readington township wrote on January 24, 2018:
I love unicorns and we had to do an author study and so I finally had a choice to choose something that actually interests me!
Thank you!
Reply by Bruce Coville
Hi Annabelle -

Delighted to know that you've got a topic that interests you! I've been fascinated by unicorns forever. My second book, way back in 1979, was a picture book called SARAH'S UNICORN. I didn't imagine, back when I wrote that little book, that I would eventually write a four volume epic about unicorns!

Davis Smith wrote on January 19, 2018:
I've been fascinated with aliens my whole life. Finally an author who writes about what I love. I just started reading aliens ate my homework and I love it. 🙂
Reply by Bruce Coville
Delighted to know that. I hope you'll enjoy the series. I have a special fondness for it because Rod is the only character I ever based totally and completely on myself!
James Johnson from Pocatello wrote on January 16, 2018:
I loved Always October but there is one thing that surprised me, the very end it put me on a total cliffhanger because that it didn't show what kind of monster Jake was. I would love it if you made a sequel to this book.
Reply by Bruce Coville
Thanks for this - I'm delighted to know that you loved ALWAYS OCTOBER! It was a tough one to write . . . the story came out much longer than I anticipated. But I really loved the surprises I had along the way.

As to the ending . . . I like leaving something a bit unresolved, as it leaves something for the reader to think about, which helps to keep the story alive in your mind. This is a technique I learned from reading Eleanor Cameron's wonderful MUSHROOM PLANET books.

That said, I actually would have loved to do a sequel to AL-OCT. Alas, the first book did not do well enough to justify writing another. That was partly because the publisher did not put the book into paperback, a decision I still do not understand.

Thanks for your message . . . and for reading my books!

Lauren from Boston, MA USA wrote on July 17, 2017:
Hello! The Unicorn Chronicles is a series that is near and dear to my heart. I started reading Into the Land of the Unicorns in 2nd grade and read the first 3 books countless times after that. I recently got a copy of The Last Hunt and couldn't put it down. Thank you for taking the time to wrap up the story the way it deserved! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks. 🙂 -Lauren
Reply by Jerry Russell
Hi, Lauren -

A million thanks for this message. I felt terrible about how long it took me to finish the Unicorn Chronicles, but I also felt that it was more important to get it RIGHT than to get it fast. I'm truly glad to know that you think the results justified the time that I took.

All best,

Ally Perkins from Flagler Beach, Florida United States wrote on July 17, 2017:
Hi Mr. Coville, Thank you for replying to me! I ended up getting a copy from my local library, and while I am sad that the series is finished, I am pleased about how it ended. It was in the children's section of the library, and I know it is geared towards the younger demographic, but the last book really moved me. I had grown attached to all your characters and am happy I could join them on their adventures. So few books are that well thought out, and The Last Hunt put me in such a good mood. I am still trying to get a copy. Thank you again so replying, so many authors don't find the time to interact with fans! Also, are you planning on releasing new books any time soon? Thanks, Ally
Reply by Jerry Russell
Hi, Ally -

I'm delighted to know that you liked the final book so much. I felt very bad about how long it took me to write it, but I really wanted to get it right. I had seen too many series falter in the final book and really let the fans down, and I didn't want that to happen. In terms of sales it would have been better to get it down sooner, i know. But getting it right was more important. So your reaction really does mean a great deal to me.

I have a new book coming out in September. It's called TROLLED and I'm very excited about it!

Nessa Weld from Michigan wrote on July 17, 2017:
Hi Bruce! I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your books since I was in kindergarten and I still enjoy them even 17 years later! I immediately fell in love with the Unicorn Chronicles and that is by far my most favorite. Also, you have spoiled me for other audio books with your work with Full Cast Audio. I just have a few questions, have you ever thought about writing any more material in connection with the Unicorn Chronicles? (It's been far too long!) Also, I would like to know, have any of the universes in your series' every crossed over? Thank you for all that you do!
Reply by Jerry Russell
Hi, Nessa -

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I can't always keep up with the guestbook as I would like.

I am so delighted that you loved the Unicorn Chronicles . . . and even MORE delighted by your response to what we do at Full Cast Audio.

I have indeed thought about writing more in the world of the Unicorn Chronicles. I originally designed the series so that I could go back and write stories about things that had happened in the past, all of them recorded in Grimwold's archive. Alas, things did not work out at Scholastic for me to pursue that idea. But it is not dead! There may be other volumes at some point.

That was a great question about whether any of my universes have crossed over. That has not happened so far, but you've got me thinking about whether it might happen in the future! Thanks for the nudge!

Michael from Grenvile, South carolina USA wrote on July 14, 2017:
I should introduce myself first I'm Michael or you can call me mikko I'm a big fan of your books me and my sister started reading the unicorn chronicles 8 years ago at first I thought it was going to be a girly book but it turned out the be full of Adventure and non-stop excitement we finally manage to track down a copy of the 4th book for the cheapest I could find it for 42 dollars x_x and just got it in the mail yesterday haven't started reading it yet I guess we really don't want the adventure to end yet we really appreciate the wonderful story you made sincerely Miko
Reply by Jerry Russell
Hi, Miko - and thanks for this terrific message. Your loyalty to the Unicorn Chronicles makes me very happy. I'm sorry that last book has become so hard to obtain . . . I have never been able to understand why Scholastic didn't do a paperback version! I'm glad to know you managed to get a copy - hope you'll approve of the way everything wraps up!